File Merge, Minify & Compress

No longer processing local files

Minify: false | Force Type: false | Debug: false


Encoding Type
File encoding options: gzip, deflate-zlib, deflate-zip, none
Defaults to none
Specifying gzip will suffix the file extension .gzip . Ex: .js to .js.gzip . You can rename to .gz and it will ungzip normally.
Specifying deflate-zip will suffix the file extension .deflate-zip. Ex: .css to .css.deflate-zip
Specifying deflate-zlib will suffix the file extension .deflate-zlib. Ex: .css to .css.deflate-zlib
deflate-zlib is the proper ZLIB version of DEFLATE (RFC 1951) instead of the raw ZIP DEFLATE version (RFC 1950) and is not supported by IE 4 - 8 and possibly other, old browsers.
Remove unnecessary space and comments.
Defaults to true
File Type
File type such as css, js, html, xhtml, xml, svg, atom, and txt. Used to enforce serving with that MIME-Type.
Defaults to js if it can't be dynamically determined from the first file.
Debug mode. Either true or false.
Defaults to false.