VM Notes



Clone A VDI

1. Shutdown VirtualBox
2. Manage VM Cloning:

cd ~/VirtualBox\ VMs/WinXP-IE7
VBoxManage clonehd WinXP-IE7.vdi WinXP-IE8.vdi
mkdir ../WinXP-IE7
mv WinXP-IE7.vdi ../WinXP-IE7/

3. Startup VirtualBox
4. Click New
5. Start off like creating a new VM
6. For the Virtual Hard Disk select "Use existing hard disk" to choose the cloned VDI.

a311ef2c-1420-4c21-aa57-8d25b825fa33	WinXP-IE8 (Soap Creative)
c2905491-5bd4-41f4-829d-0905fa4cb052	WinXP-IE7
2f887ffd-88f8-4299-8d7d-854786e5d011	WinXP-IE8 (JWT INSIDE)
daa3d8c8-09bd-4fa7-a344-ed163d4b3150	Win2K-IE5

Move A VDI

In order to move vdi and image file to another location,
change the following (highlighted in bold) in VirtualBox.xml to reflect it (no changes in uuid is required)

<MachineEntry uuid="{5bababfa-ad62-471c-44b8-24bc07022f03}" src="Machines/winXP/winXP.xml"/>
<HardDisk uuid="{xxx}" type="normal">
<VirtualDiskImage filePath="/media/software/virtualBox/winXP/winXP.vdi"/>
<DiffHardDisk uuid="{xxx}">
<VirtualDiskImage filePath="/media/Software/VirtualBox/Machines/winXP/Snapshots/{xxx}.vdi"/>

Register an Image

How to register and load a downloaded image

java -jar registerimage-2.0.1.jar

WinXP Screen Resolution

About VirtualBox resolution
Add VB Tools?

[Host+F] to get out of Fullscreen, then
[Host+G] To resize at my desktop size.
[Host+F] Then Fullscreen again.